Tibetan Script, found in Doresse's 'Secret Books of the Egyptian Gnostics'

The Thomas Gospel

Welcome to the site of the "Gospel According to Thomas"


The purpose of this site is to examine the text of the Coptic Christian Gospel of Thomas, to comment on its meaning, and to attempt to fill in the missing or confusing text with possible solutions. No attempt is made to establish its historical authenticity, as we believe the sayings stand entirely upon their own merits and their intrinsic significance is best determined by the reader's own "seeing in the place of an eye".

History of the Gospel

A brief history of the discovery of the papyri is provided for a background on the Gospel.

Table of Contents

To make each saying more accessible, the contents are listed by Page number, and then by the consecutively numbered saying, also listing mnemonic keywords. The respective page number is the hyperlink to that page, and all the sayings on that page..


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